Peggy Wiedemann

Fiber Artist

About the Artist

I wish I could say I have always been a fiber artist but that is not the case,  I graduated from UCLA earning a BA in fine Arts with an emphasis on drawing and painting. Oil painting was definitely my thing.  I also experimented with other art forms like ceramics, printmaking, mixed media and sculpture.

Then I found basket making with natural fibers.  My favorite form of basketry was coiling.  What I liked about coiling was the repetition and the calming nature of building something row by row.  It made me slow down, enjoy the process, and develop Ideas as I worked.  The coiling took my work to a more sculptural fiber art form.

Now, as a fiber artist my work is a little wild and unconventional.  I am fascinated by shapes and spaces whether negative or positive.  Movement is a re-occurring theme in my work. I am having a lot of fun and pushing myself to experiment all the time!

Art for me is about breaking the rules.

Art is chance.

Art is spontaneous.